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Friday: Free! Ryugazaki Rei - School vr.
Saturday: Pokemon XY (anime vr) - Satoshi 
Sunday: Free! Ryugazaki Rei - Rave vr (only just the t-shirt)

Going comfy and blind! Woohoo!

Also, stop by at Daisuki booth!

Hope to see ya'll there!

Contest: _ I guess I made it too hard to guess?

The answer is green tea. But I'll be fair on those who took the time to guess you're all winners ;D

Con Summary:
langmuiyun stayed w/ me a good part of the weekend during NYCC and all my pets were giving her all the attention. Wong the family mix Shitzu & Maltese made her play w/ him. Latte, my pet rabbit, was busying climbing all over her stuff like a jungle gym & left bits of his fur on her jacket. ALL THE ATTENTIONS!! x3 Well I was informed she enjoyed it so I'm glad my pet made her feel right at home.

Didn't really do much other than get into the costumes about 70% of the time, roam around 5% of the con floor & 25% of the time was with friends. :D BEST CON EVER!

I've spent most of time wandering around between the Square Enix booth & the Archie Booth so yes....King Sonic the Hedgehog did appear. :Db

So if anyone follows the Archie Twitter blog I had my pic taken & had both Jamal Peppers & Ian Flynn signing the crown (on Sunday). I've finally met Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante and both of the writer, artist & inker to sign the Sonic the Hedgehog: Mobius 25 Year Later. The most memorable part from Sunday was that the Archie people asks me to stand up and wave cause King Sonic was in the audience. I got up and waved but that was like a new interesting experience. Also a few good portion was me just half derping majority of the pics lol. I need to stop doing that. An eventual photo shoot will follow once the weather is warm and finding a proper location.

Oh and I got the infamous con flu which I'm still recovering from. 3 I've gain a super power call "Scaring subway rider with mah sniffles." Evidently I got a shot load of death glares that day ..... :saddummy:

:bulletblue: I had a blast despite not able to go romping around the Artist Alley since a few of my fav returning artist were there. Ah wells....C'est la vie.
:bulletblue: tees....bought more MLP shirts...but really overall....TAKE MY MONEY!!
:bulletblue: Archie Panels & signings!
:bulletblue: Friends & Curry

:bulletred: Missed a few people.
:bulletred: Artist Alley
:bulletred: There will always be someone during the panel sit through that just HAD to be annoying. No offense but those tiny comments of "yay", "oh no", "hurrah", and/or "awww" where even my iPhone recording picked up, stepping on the cape & the constant moving & bumping into the pauldron that I lost hrs of sleep to make was just rude.
:bulletred: Con Flu

Pokemon White 2:
If you didn't know.....I sold my Pokemon White b/c of the animation only to stupidly realize later...much later like AFTER I sold the game that I could've turned off the animation. :facepalm: Usually I would attend a Pokemon event but the event was during NYCC so I didn't go. Actually I didn't really have all the info like where the party would be held. So it was one Pokemon event I didn't attend. Nothing was lost since I spent that night with my friends eating delicious Curry Seafood with fried rice. OMG...BEST THING EVER!!!

So here's my Friend Code:
4084 3535 6129

Now gimme yours!!
I know I said in the next journal entry but that journal will be pushed into next Saturday 10/20/2012 (Eastern Daylight time) you have until 11:59pm to get the answer correct.
Hint: This beverage is bitter.

NYCC -Final Line up-
Saint Seiya Omega: Civilian/Normal! Haruto

Human King Sonic the Hedgehog from Mobius 25 Years Later (crown, red flowy magestic cape & pauldron)
-changing later to-
薄桜鬼 ~幕末無双録~ (Hakuouki Bakumatsu Musouroku) - Saitou Hajime

(re-wearing) Human King Sonic the Hedgehog from Mobius 25 Years Later which I'll attend the Archie Panel in it.
Cos Cards are in! Do you want one?
Here's the deal breaker: Guess my favorite drink!!
1st Five to guess correctly via PM will get one card and "possibly" a random sticker.

Winner will be notified in the next Journal entry. I do require a mailing address if you're uncomfortable to send it to your home address.

Also please don't cheat or the fact why you need two of the cos cards is just weird. Just sayin.

New cos in the work; will be bringing back Sonic but as King Sonic.
I'm debating to bling the shoulder Pauldron & tiara crown. What do you guys think? Bling it or don't?

Then it just leads to I have too many cos for one local upcoming con.
1. Saint Seiya Omega: Civilian! Haruto
2. 薄桜鬼 ~幕末無双録~ (Hakuouki Bakumatsu Musouroku) - Saitou Hajime
3. 薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜 Hakuōki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~ - Saitou Hajime (non Aoi Haori jacket vr)
4. Yu Gi Oh! 5D's - Izayoi Aki
5. 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! as Reborn (actually I have to remake the pacifier)
6. ファイナルファンタジー 零式 (Final Fantasy Type-0) as Queen
7. King Gijinka Sonic the Hedgehog

How in the world did this list grew from 3 to 7?! |||orz

This month of August was just a string of continuing disaster after another.
8-12-2012 - I was food poisoned by dumplings
8-14-2012 - I was stuck in the city for 3hrs during rush hr, I didn't get home until almost 9pm.
8-15-2012 - I was accidentally elbowed in the head (the sharp point) on my train ride to work by a tween (while I playing KH3D). He apologized though. If he didn't I'll throw that punk ass kid out of the train on the next station. Been getting the painful ting every few hrs.
8-16-2012 - I accidentally self-inflicted injury on myself - Achilles Tendon on my left foot. I've been limping all over the office that day.
8-17-2012 - Bothersome carriers from another Telecom. They sick their laywers at me. Doing several pple's job cause boss lady was already gone Friday morning & the other girl was out sick. :D Congrats to me for not only getting paid less but I had to do 3 pple's job.
8-20-2012 - Boss lady is on an official vacay. I'm still juggling 3 pple's job. Did not leave office until 7:30pm. Unable to attain the Saito Hajime Perfume from Hakuouki b/c of the perfume/aerosol rules/regulation.
8-21-2012 - Over-stretched my back before dinner.

The so called strings of bad luck slowed down until...

8-25-2012 - Got 2 mosquito bites after going to the beach in Jersey; one on my knee & another on my right calves. No reaction. Yet.
8-26-2012 - Major-Mild reaction to the point that later in the evening it swelled up like a baseball, inflamed and blisters started to form that I had to pop it to drain the excessive water out.
8-27-2012 - Difficult to walk and bend with left knee.

Lack of goodLuck (LoL)
• WonderNyan came in
• Beach fun tiemz
• Bourne Legacy - Jeremy Renner fanservice throughout the whole film. Plot? What plot? :D
• Latte Latte Latte Latte Latte Latte (Latte is my chinchilla bunny. He's currently going through a huge shed so he's getting a funky looking furbutt.)

Karma and I are like Frenemy. ^_^ I hate you too.
Random news update:
I'm currently working on making my Cosplay Cards, they're like business/trading cards it'll have infos like twitter, LJ, ACP, Curecos & tumblr.

I'll update again if anyone wants one once I have them in stock.
E3 Conference:
Missed some of the live conferences but then again I wasn't interested in Microsoft's toys only the Sony Conference and Nintendo.

Sony have some promising up coming titles; 2 of my fav gamse from the Sony Conference was The Last of Us & the 6th installment of God of War. I still need to beat 1, 2, the PSP HD & 3. Kratos have the most beautiful war dance and glorious brutality of ripping your enemy apart~. A little gruesome honestly since this game is aim for guys but you may start to expect this coming from a female gamer who played a few male video games. I like it and you can't stop me from loving it. Plus it's one of the best kind of games to kill something w/o breaking real life rule. The Last of Us looks really amazing...but it's a game sadly that I will not be purchasing since it's a suspense game similar to MGS. I don't like surprises.

Nintendo....was a little disappointing w/ the lack of news for any new Zelda, Star Fox or Metroid games. Although the new Paper Mario Sticker & Luigi's mansion looks good on the 3DS so it's a 50/50. The Wii U looks great but there isn't much titles to make me purchase the system first day in general....not yet anyway.

Hideo Kojima-sensei was back in NYC this past Friday & Saturday for the MGS 25th Anniversary signing who flew right after the E3 Conference. I bought only two shirts and later went on line to shake hands with Kojima-sensei and Yoji Shinkawa-sensei. It was a great honor to be in the vicinity of the two amazing people of the MGS franchise. Nearly as amazing being around Keiji Inafune when he visited NYC for the Star Force series.

AnimeNext happened .... at the last minute. I wasn't initially planning to go with the worry of rides and lodging which I shouldn't put so much stress when you have so many wonderful and amazing friends in the next state over. Plus work was being an ass to me and I needed to ESCAPE FROM THE CITY for awhile, weekend of AnimeNext was the only optional thing!

The only two costumes that I'd brought with me to this con was a borrowed costume & wig from 2 friends - Western! Saitou from Hakuouki & Nobara Yukinokouji from Inu x Boku SS which only consisted my own personal work clothes & the mentioned borrowed wig.

And sadly...all of the Cosplay WIP that was listed in the previous Journal hasn't been exactly worked on. Gonna be working on Izayoi Aki for NYCC/NYAF.
If anyone need to get in contact with me; ie to add me to a group or the likes, please directly email me at Chibiko721 [@] gmail . com (remove all spaces) and make sure on the subject title to indicate what the email is about. It's the only way for me to stop by.
Thank you~ - Chibiko

Cosplay WIP
Shirona/Cynthia - Sinnoh Pokemon Champion
Bartz Klauser various vr - Dissidia
Human Silver - Sonic the Hedgehog
Human Shadow - Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Listening to: Universal Bunny - May'n
Man...I've totally gone and abandon this accident.

.____.; Oops.

A lot of things went on but I'm sure the last 8 months will bore everyone so I'll jump right into the interesting point of this Journal with bullet dashes.

- I'm bringing Sonic back but it's not going to be Sonic himself I'm bringing.
It'll be Werehog & Silver for Sonic's 20th Anniversary. I'm trying to get Silver ready for ANext while Werehog for NYCC/NYAF. If I still have more time.....>3c Kukukuku but we'll see.

.___. I still wanna do Sonic and the Black Knight.

- That Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Movie...:D I get to go...TOMORROW FOR THE NYC PREMIERE!!! :omg:
In costume and doing it for charity! I'm revamping a few things but with the amount of time I have from Friday to working it at night....I wish I can do more.

Check ANN: Make a wish Foundation…

/will write more once i get home.

- Final Fantasy Distant World Concert; will be coming to NYC this April 1st & 2nd. Arnie Roth (conductor) and Nobuo Uematsu (Composer) will be attending BOTH SHOWS! You can now purchase your tickets through Brooklyn Academy of Music. :D I've already got my tickets.

- I'm trying to work out Warrior of Light's cos.....all that armor. |||orz It's one of those armor cosplay that pple don't want to touch because it's hard to work with and time consuming. Still working w/ the cosplay plot bunnies (without them chewing on it)

I think that's all.....Until Next time!

PS> ° 3 ° I froze my Formspring acct.
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New cosplay ....07-Ghost: Castor better.

Upcoming con....NYAFF/NYCC

Upcoming cosplay....TBA.

Future plans.....Distant World Final Fantasy Concert, Toronto Canada in Nov. 27, 2010 *HOPEFULLY!*

Other than that........nothing new.

Short and Simple and I do realize some watchers have left. :3 Oh well~

PS> I've grown older 5 days ago from today.
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  • Playing: Dissidia FF <==still!
Hi gaiz!

How's everyone doing?

Me? I'm doing alright. I'll give a little insight what I've plan. It's nothing big so even feel free to even skip this journal. :3 b
TBH: I update more on Livejournal than anywhere else that's why I'm kinda neglecting DA.....well not like I mean too. *hides behind a wok*

:bulletblue: I know I have mention in my past journal that I don't attend small conventions because the bigger conventions have more things to do than the smaller ones. Yea...well I attended. It was alright tbh. Tiny conventions are small and you can only have fun if you go to it with friends. So that's my two cents.

:bulletblue: Cosplay Related:
Created a cosplay facebook… just so it can be branch off between my RL *cough*ithavemyfamily&relatives&highschoolfriendswhodoesn'tknowaboutmyweirdhobby*cough* (|D um.....good luck in reading that? *bows apologetically*) and Cosplay.

Here's two links where you can find me....[yea I'm everywhere but I like to hide]
Cure:… (you can change the "ja" to "en" for English)


I will be re-organizing my account in the near future. I notice it's at a point where it's just too messy.

Any new Cosplay in general?
I do....but....they're a secret. Plus I don't have a set date for any of them so I can't say for sure when. They change when my fandom changes. |D

Next Event:
Sakura Matsuri

Games that I'm more preoccupied with:
Dissidia Final Fantasy - 78 days later
Final Fantasy 13 - I haven't played it for a week. Too occupied w/ the first game STILL!
Final Fantasy 5 - I have no clue where exactly am I up to.
Final Fantasy 4 - I died early in the game because a genius like me forgot to save in the open field.
Final Fantasy 8 - Ifrit.
Bought FF3 and FF1 & 2 and didn't touch it or play it. Damn I still owe my friend money for that.
Pokemon Heart and Soul - I barely touched this game. Again, same answer for #2

|D Apparently Dissidia is the only game I've been playing. In between, I play FF13 when I'm at home and not in a car, train or lounging at Starbucks.

"And that my friend is my.....story....." Tidus from Dissidia Final Fantasy.

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  • Watching: 07 Ghost
  • Playing: Dissidia FF
I joined cause you know you want to ask me stuff....^^;;;
Ask me anything

Man did I decide to go missing for a good month or what?

But before I go on the tiny detail of life.....I ranted (on my LJ because if I rant here it's going to turn out to be a sermon.)
Since I'm not going to any details on DA I'll leave you all here with a title about what I ranted:

:bulletblack: Cosplay (It's not drama but it's the etiquette )
:bulletblack: Shipping (I don't agree to this shipping pair Kiryu x Aki. Never have never will. And using an RPG to make it work....sorry no. Just no. Plus it doesn't flow.)

I've been around on DA just to comment here and there but life been hectic (like every day) to have me finish a very very belated holiday pic I've been working on since....last year of Dec 2009. ||||orz So I'm not even sure when it'll be finish.

The house have been going through a renovation since October. In late Dec. and early Jan. my area of the house, the living room were being renovated so everything have been moved and re-arrange. Than later in mid Jan. it was my turn. My room, I had to haul EVERYTHING out of my room in 4hrs flat which I did. So...few days later, my bed got rearrange and now I have a sliding door and a place where I can play my PS3 (yayz). (Any one know where I can find some fake Japanese wallpaper screen doors that I can tape to my doors (because I'm a weeaboo within as a weeaboo) It looks plain But I'm also considering of brandishing my wall with a theme: YGO!5D's, Sonic, Final Fantasy Dissidia, 8, X, X-2

:D Also finally getting the legit spankin PS CS3 Web Premium. Why not 4?'s somewhat cheaper than what 4 is at the moment. I tried the trial for it and damn it's faster than CS2. I'll get 4 if a 5 ever comes out (and if it's cheap). XD;;;

ಠ__ಠ and damn my lazy forgetful arse.....I totally forgotten about the Absolute Power Force pack is out! Must get Savior Red Deamon Dragon (nom nom nom).

Sakura Matsuri

and than there's those possible NYC convention events I may and may not attend....possibly the latter cause I'm a classy ass like that. :D
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I don't think I really have much to update about or if there's the kind of need to say what kind of "Holiday swags" I got. But for the curious....I got nothing for X-mas and TBH I really don't care. Although I do have an interesting story even that happened to me on Christmas Eve, which makes me skeptical if there's such thing as Christmas magic or it's just me and karma butting heads. As many of you have noticed, I've switched fandom, you know playing Children's card game aka Yu Gi Oh! 5D's. So...I was at my local card store, I picked up 4 packs of Raging Battle and 2 Ancient Prophecy. When I opened the 3rd pack of Raging Battle, there it was....a synchron monster: Blackwing Armed Wing!

Here's the kharma see, I traded in for a card that I didn't have since I wasn't playing a certain deck and the card dealer said he'll trade that card for either current pack of cards the store carry or a card I need. And the specific card I needed was Blackwing Armed Wing so we both have come to an agreement that he'll help me get the card.

Fast forward to Two weeks later I got it through a site call ebay.

Come Christmas Eve....I didn't think I would've been able to get another since my luck with cards have always been horrible. But who would've thought I be able to pull something out like that! Especially a $30 value card!

I guess it's a win win ^^; Since now I have two of the cards.

Anyway....expect another art, not cosplay related, to be posted up soon. And this will be the last entry of the year. And I just want to say....I'm just happy of what I have and what 2009 have offered, even though at most times, I wish 2009 ends as fast as it came and hopefully 2010 will even be better than 2009.

Although while I don't post much of my life here more than I do on, there've been plenty of ups and downs, friends gained, new experience learned, winning opportunities losing opportunities......that's life.

"The future I believed in is actually here
This road that goes on and on doesn’t actually have an end
Even if I can’t find a solution, even if I can’t even overcome the loneliness
I’m sure I’ll take steps towards tomorrow, blown by a new wind"

Truth by Tamaki Nami
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Life Post: Headaches + Creativity

Wed Nov 11, 2009, 8:28 PM
A few things been happening lately so we'll have some bullet points with long ass entry to make reading a lot easier (?):
• This past Sunday, my 80 yr old Grandfather was submitted to the hospital for a mild stroke attack. Luckily the nurse we had contacted us to have us call 911. If you're wondering why she didn't call 911 is because we have a Chinese non-speaking English nurse. So my brother called 911 and within minutes the ambulance came. Gave him a shot (we weren't told what it was but it saved his life) and for the precaution they took him to the hospital. I do also have a grandmother but she's no help. I'm not going to get into it, we had a huge family drama and that's enough information. From what I know atm, he was @ the hospital for observation so he should be back home today.

• Yesterday's afternoon at work, one of my friend texted me at work over via Blackberry about "wanting" a rabbit...ya know as a pet. As not a lot of people know, I own a pet rabbit name Latte… so of course I have would have few knowledge about anything bunny related up my sleeves. And just for [his] convenience, I would probably be the person to come up to ask about it since I am the only person on his Buddy List to own one. Now the reason for my headache is:

- He was thinking of getting one but they don't look all that pretty
(What went in my head: okay fine whatever but most bunny I've seen from other bunny owners in a community I'm in are pretty. So...whatever.)

- He asked for a certain small breed and I tell him Answer: Dwarf Bunny

- He demands me by texting this to me: "U need to tell me what I need for it/ Where can I get 1 as well" Ya's not that hard to get and find the materials AND where to find a bunny. I remember there are something call....A PETSTORE! *insert an exaggerated gasp* OR an animal shelter. LIEK OMAHGAWD! ¬_¬;

- I asked him if he's committed in owning one since sometimes during the summer I know he would go on a week trip and is usually  missing during the hot summer days. His mother have work. I'm not sure about the status his brother and father. So yea...that is the question in question but I received no response about it.

And we continue.....

- Than he wants a baby bunny from the animal shelter. Ahahaha no....animal shelters may have puppies and kittens but highly doubt a baby bunny. Quite obviously you can't get a baby bunny @ a shelter or at a Pet store til they're 6-8 weeks old because they need that time for weaning. Even though he didn't want one from the shelter but at least he asked where's the nearest shelter is.

- He asks if Latte understands me I said yea but in actuality ...verbally no since he can give a bunny's ass about me if I talk to him but by body movement yes and a few loud noises. cause that lead to his next text saying his previous bunny (from god know how long) was -kinda dumb-. I'm not amuse by this texting so I tell him they're not dogs and he goes. "I know but I can't stand stupidity" **insert slight rage rising**

-  and he texts me "So they are stupid then. I mean like a ferret is smarter than a rabbit I think" That's a base of an assumption! There are no proof to prove that if a bunny is stupid or smart. The only thing they have are....attitude. Bunny Attitude which is cute, adorable and full of daaaawwwwwww~

- I tell him "You can't judge an animal base on their intelligence ya know" I even input him that they can be train but....

- he rambles off something about Bunny and Guinea Pigs getting along well which.....I'm confused mean together in a cage or together on the shelf. That's two different stories.

- Once again, I asked him if he's committed to the amount of work of owning. No answer. I continued. I texted him this time that "I rather you ask me after you research it/don't be lazy/research it and than talk to me".
You know what his excuse was "It's easier to just ask u/So I don't have to to do the research". Talk about laziness! :rage: It's already bad enough that he was belittling the bunny's intelligence like the entire population by saying they're dumb and stupid. Than after I tell him don't be lazy, he gets the nerve to blamed me for "Can't even carry a general conversation." and just because I wasn't giving him the proper and immediate answers to his questions. I'm not a fucking secretary or Google itself.

That....wasn't a general conversation it was a Q & A session. Honestly, researching about domiestic pet bunny isn't hard. I have tons of links and info that I can give him when he get his lazy damn ass online. And even if I'm unable to give him the links....there's this thing on the internet call......GOOGLE!

Oh and btw, while on the subject of researching....that also apply to a few people asking about the Human Sonic the Hedgehog cosplay. I've written a large amount of information in regarding HOW I MADE [SUCH] AND [SUCH] in the description. Especially in the first Human Sonic picture I posted up a while back. It really baffles me how a good amount of description is up there but people don't read it and than notes me about it.


If there are something that's missing from the description, I'll gladly answer your question(s) but if it's something that's already there than you're wasting my time repeating myself and your time typing a question that's already answered.

I apologize if this wall of writing is amazingly long, annoying, and a few traces of bitchy-ness here and there but it's been on my chest for awhile and I need to get this dead beat weight off my back.

Cross Stitching this:…

oh btw....2 years lateness:…
I'm not that hard to miss. I appear twice!

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Oops indeed.
Sorry, life got the best of me again and I disappeared into it. If anyone wants better updates, go over to my LJ @

Quick Update:
Tomorrow's Halloween, if you consider this post to be typed at near 2am, what's everyone's plan?

For me.....
I'll be out in New Jersey to get some photoshoot done. In what costume?! I'm not saying. Than trod back into the city in costume.....maybe.....I dunno. I might stop by at Image Anime for their lil festivities that's going on.

Photoshoot at a musuem. OH YEA~!

Currently working on to see if I can get the Dark Signer's Ccapac Apu tattoo just so I can remove the time consumption of actually drawing Ccapac Apu and the facial tattoo.

Um....yea that's about it really.
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:3 I have returned!

>_> and I noticed I got some Q&As to answer.
But since we're on the topic of Q&As, ask me a question that's related to whatever that comes to mind, whether it be personal or out of space. I'll try my best to fully and honestly answer your question(s). But I do hold the right not to answer them if it's too personal.

Will be updating like normally....Sonic scans included, that was suppose to be updated like promise but didn't. Oops.
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;D See you all later!

Updates on the Sonic manga will continue.
Cosplay & Anime updates will be on my LiveJournal feel free to stop by.
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Sonic World Adventure Manga & Sonic and the Black Knight.
Another set of RAW manga scan by me.

Chapter 8 is the end of Sonic World Adventure.
Thoughts: I kinda wanna try Sonic's cooked Chili Dog....even though the presentation is another factor.

Note: Don't ask because I don't know either. I thought there would be a new chapter, starting a new chapter ie, Chapter 1 but instead it's a continuation of just Sonic's [lol] adventures. I made a new folder calling it the respective folder file name Sonic and the Black Knight, which will contain Chapter 9 and to separate Sonic World Adventure.

Chapter 9 is the beginning of Sonic and the Black Knight.
Thoughts: :nod:...Camelot will be saved. I'm not worried at all......[silence]

Oh and SatBK and SWA belongs to Sega etc etc etc and all that razzle dazzle.

Chapter 1:…

Chapter 2:…

Chapter 3:…

Chapter 4:…

Chapter 5:…

Chapter 6:…

Chapter 7…

:new: Chapter 8 :new:…

:new: Chapter 9 :new:…

PS> It's locked. If you want access to it, please kindly to note me for the password. XD and please also try to stay away from my personal photos if you could. Also....any form of getting in contact with me for the password; like emailing me or AIM-ing me will not get you the password. I'll end up deleting it as spams and ignoring such AIMs request.
:D Have a nice day!
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March 29, 2009 Morning
The day that etc closed down without a word has left me saddened through out the work day.

March 30, 2009 Tuesday 11pm
The story:  I was cleaning my room and while cleaning you know what wound up right on my eyesight…..the armband of Hira-san’s vr of Human Sonic sitting on top of the two emerald boxes. Hence why it lead to this journal…

April 1, 2009
You guys....I don’t know what to say...after reading the messages in my message box in DA. I teared....I don't know what to say other than.....谢谢大家. To be honest, I’ve been thinking long and hard about it. To be honest...I did at a few point of wanting to quit since well heck…I’m not getting younger. You be surprise how old I am in numbers but physically speaking I don’t look like my age at all. Which can be seen in all of my photos I posted up. And if I were to lil blue hog...well more like self proclaim student of mine ^^; I’ll pass the torch--well more like the armband onto him. I know you’re reading this so prepare for this day to come. Well anyway...let me tell you guys this, although after reading this I’ll bet a lot of you are willing to pick up maybe something to hurl at me or at least say to me I’m a jerk and I hate you...

...cause one part is true the other is a fault. :D Can you guess which one?

Well it’s true that Hira-san have closed off her webpage so that’s a given since :iconino-elric: is the 4th person to confirm it. As the one about quitting cosplay for Hira-san’s Human Sonic....that is a lie. Um....April Fool. ^^; ehehehe....

Whether Hira-san will open another webpage that’s only dependable on her side but I will continue to cosplay her version of Sonic as a tribute to her and her Human Sonic. I admire her alot from the detail of work and effort and she's also sole reason who inspired me to cosplay; Human Sonic and co. On any future Sonic pics I post up here, (which I kinda forgot about it again),, and will have a title and following description: Tribute to and Permission given by Hira-san’s Sonic & Co.

Hira-san if you’re reading this: I hope everything is well for you and the family. I wish there were someway for me to help and also someway to know what is going on. I know I read a tiny portion of your blog before it was taken off that something wasn’t right, something was wrong. Even though we have our language barrier I want to let you know I’ll be here on DeviantArt and you have my email address if you need to get in contact with me.

ひら これを読めば: 私はすべてがあなたおよび家族のために元気でいることを望む。私は助ける私のための方法および起こっているものが知るまた方法があったことを望む。私は何かは右ではなかったことが、何か間違っていたはずされた前に私があなたのブログの小さい部分を読んだことを知っている。私達が私達の言葉の障壁を私有するのにあるDeviantArtにここに私を知らせたいと思えば私と接触して得る必要があれば私の電子メールがある。
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My Monday has been shitty! Tuesday is driving me up the wall.


I found out on early Monday morning that my favorite Human Sonic artist, Hira-san owner of etc from Japan decides to close down her website without a single word! There was nothing on her front page to indicate her leave other than starting the month of April the website will close. All the links have been erased. Worst of it all...I can't even get to her blog to know the reason why.

I'm really worry about her. I even emailed her to ask her is everything okay but she have yet replied back to me. Looking at my gmail acct every hour isn't helping either. I do hope everything is alright for her.

As for cosplay-wise.....I don't know. I'm giving it two weeks. If I don't get a reply back.....I'll retire/quit the Sonic cosplay in respect for the artist.

You know, not to self brag to boost my ego....if it weren't for Hira-san's personification of Sonic I wouldn't have thought about cosplaying as Human Sonic at all.....and.....I wouldn't be the one to lead other Sonic fan-cosplayers into it either.

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^^; I'm sorry....apparently I did have ALL of the pages for Sonic World Adventure scanned. My fault for not checking. But not only that.....well I'll spoil that in the following Journal ;D and you know which Journal I'm talking about.